A leading group in the Moroccan market, a prestigious incubator, and the largest startup campus in Europe ... I’ve got all I need to make it !


Afriquia SMDC has always beenère innovating fuel distribution and services provided to Moroccan drivers since the set-up of its 1st gas station in 1959 in Casablanca. Afriquia is a real driving force for the country's economy, and the initiator of the “1000 Fikra” program which encourages project leaders to turn their brilliant ideas into real businesses. Today, Afriquia wants to fully play its role as a responsible and committed stakeholder and to contribute to green and accessible mobility for all Moroccans. Therefore, it initiated the Afriquia 50 Sprints program.

Afrimobility est une société d’investissement du groupe AKWA, ayant pour vocation l’identification de nouveaux relais de croissance dans le secteur de la mobilité. Un des leviers majeurs de cette ambition est l’ouverture à l’écosystème des startups pour identifier et mettre en œuvre des partenariats porteurs de valeur. Dans ce cadre, Afrimobility a lancé le programme 50 Sprints, qui vise à accompagner et à financer des startups dans la mobilité.

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HEC Paris was founded in 1881 around three fundamental values: academic excellence, community spirit, and commitment to diversity. Thanks to these values, the school has become one of the best management schools in the world, as shown by the most demanding international rankings. By training the managers, researchers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, HEC contributes to building a responsible, dynamic and positive world for businesses and society.



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