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The 50 Sprints program is aimed at all holders of innovative mobility projects, having founded or co-founded their startup and already benefiting from early adopters (first users).
There are no restrictions in terms of location, but one of the founders must be Moroccan, since it is primarily a program aimed at promoting Moroccan entrepreneurs.

Yes, I can pitch as long as it is not a program developed by a direct competitor of Afriquia.
The startup must have an MVP (minimum viable product) and early adopters.
The program aims to acquire a minority stake in the startup.

To participate in the 50 Sprints program, my startup must offer innovative concepts in the following mobility field and sectors:

  • Autonomous
  • Connectivity
  • Shared services
  • Electric
  • Smart City - Infrastructure
  • Last Mile

In order to participate in the 50 Sprints program and receive funding, it is essential to spend 3 months incubation at Station F.

I will be able to receive funds related to financing, at the end of the 3-month incubation at Station F following the validation of the jury of the HEC teams and 50 Sprints.



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